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Library Policies

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Cell phones 

Cell phones may not be used in the library reading rooms. They may only be used in the library corridors. When using a cell phone in a corridor, however, please lower your voice as library reading rooms and offices are nearby. Please remember to turn your cell to vibrate upon entering the library.


Closing: fifteen minute rule 

All library services end fifteen minutes before the official library closing. These services include charging out books; computer typing, searching and printing; photocopying; viewing and printing microforms; and using CD-ROMs, and audio and video cassettes. 


Eating and smoking      

Eating and smoking are prohibited everywhere in the library at all times.



The library hires law students to work at the circulation desk evenings and weekends. Students interested in library employment should contact

Harold O’Grady, Reference Librarian.  Mr. O'Grady hires our law student employees and will reply to your email regarding employment.



The library staff works hard to courteously and effectively serve the needs of students in their use of the library. We also expect courtesy and respect in return from students. The guidelines for library use are in this handbook; we expect students to abide by them. If you encounter any problems in your use of the library, please report them to a librarian.


Fire alarms 

Fire exits are located on all floors of the library. If a fire alarm goes off, you must leave the library immediately. Do not use the elevator. Do not return to the library until instructed to do so.



Students are asked not to move or rearrange the furniture. Computer chairs have been placed at the computers throughout the library. They are not to be moved to other places. Please remember that feet do not belong on tables and carrels.



Students use the library as a place for quiet study and noise should be kept to a minimum. For group study, there are conference rooms located throughout the library that may be reserved in advance.



All library materials must be signed out at the circulation desk before leaving the library. Failure to do so will set off the library security system. The library staff reserves the right to inspect all briefcases, back packs, handbags, etc. as patrons leave the library.

Patrons are advised not to leave any personal property, including laptop computers, unattended in the library.



Please abide by the signs for re-shelving books that are posted in all stack areas in the library. In areas where we ask that you not re-shelve books, place the books on book trucks for re-shelving.

Any books left on tables or in study carrels are re-shelved daily. The library does not honor “do not re-shelve” notes left on collections of books on tables or in carrels.


Study carrels   

There are no assigned or reserved study carrels in the library. Library or personal material should not be left in a study carrel or at a computer workstation in an attempt to reserve the carrel or workstation for later use.





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