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Library Facilities

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Audio/Visual Room 

Room 111 is the library’s audio/visual room. Four monitors are available for video viewing. The library’s circulating video collection is housed here. All of the library’s audio and video titles are listed in SARA.

To access video or audio cassettes, please ask for assistance at the circulation desk. Tape players and headphones are also available at the circulation desk.


The library has several CD-ROMS loaded on the computer in room 111, the audio/visual room. All of the library’s CD-ROMs are listed in SARA. To access a CD-ROM not already loaded on this computer, please see a reference librarian for assistance.


Desktop Computers  

Desktop computers are available in the third floor Wilfred J. Halpern Computer Lab, in room 201M (Westlaw lab), 205M (LexisNexis lab) and in the lower level of the library. The Computer Lab in room C36 is also available for students' use when not being used for training classes.


Group Study and Conference Rooms     

The library has twenty-five group study and conference rooms for student use.  These rooms are for the use of groups of two or more students.  Brooklyn Law School students have priority in the use of these rooms.  Students may reserve study rooms through the study rooms reservations link on the library homepage during most of the academic year.  During the reading and exam period, reservations are mandatory.




Laptop Computers  

A limited number of laptop computers are available for loan from the library circula­tion desk. Only Brooklyn Law School students with valid BLS ID cards may borrow these laptops. Laptops are loaned for four hours and cannot be renewed. These com­puters may be used in the library only. The fine for overdue laptops is $10.00 per hour or any fraction of an hour. 

Lost and Found  

All items found in the library are turned into the Lobby Guard Desk.  Inquiries should be made there for lost items.


In addition to providing couches and easy chairs throughout the library, we also have two lounges for student use.  One lounge is located in room 104M on the first mezzanine and an additional lounge, the Klar Family Reading Lounge, a gift of the Steven A. Klar Foundation, is located on the second mezzanine.  


The library Contemplation Room, room 105M, is also located on the first mezzanine.  The purpose of this room is to provide a shared, designated space for students, staff and faculty to engage in contemplation, meditation or quiet spiritual awareness.  The guidelines for the use of this space are posted outside of the room.



The microform collection and reader/printer/scanner is located in the lower level of the library. All of the library’s microform holdings are listed in SARA. Microforms do not circulate, but paper or digital copies may be made.

Photocopying, Scanning and Printing      

Two copiers/scanners are located on the first floor of the library and printers and release stations are located in the cellar computer lab, the Lexis/Nexis® lab (room 205M), the Westlaw® lab (room 201M), the Halpern lab (room 337) and the laptop printer room (room 327).

The cost of copying and printing is five cents per page.  Scanning is free.  Students, faculty and staff receive a credit of $25.00 (five hundred pages) for the academic year.  When an account is low, add additional funds in the Finance Department, Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

If print or copy jobs are illegible, go to the reference desk to have your account credited.  Every time you finish copying or printing, your account balance is displayed.

Visitors who need to make copies should ask for assistance at the circulation desk.

Instructions for copying, scanning and the release of print jobs are posted near the copiers/scanners and the release stations. 

The Law School supports printing from student laptops to student printers in the library labs and journal areas. Detailed instructions for remote printing can be found here.


Restrooms are located on the lower level, 2nd and 3rd floors of the library.

Water Fountains 

Water fountains are located on the lower level, 2nd and 3rd floors of the library.








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