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General Statement of Policy

Brooklyn Law School is a private law school. Only Brooklyn Law School faculty and students with valid identification cards are permitted to use the library at all times. Alumni/ae with current membership cards have unlimited access to the library’s print resources and limited access to selective digital resources for research purposes. When asked, you must show valid identification to the lobby guard or to any member of the library staff. If you do not have proper identification, access to the library will be denied.


U.S. Government Depository

Brooklyn Law School library is a member of the Federal Depository Library Program, serving as a selective depository for U.S. government documents. The BLS Library became a selective depository in 1974 and holds few government documents published prior to that date.  At present, the Library selects less than 12% of available items from the Government Printing Office.  The majority of our collection emanates from Congress and the Judiciary.  We have a microfiche collection containing all Congressional hearings, reports, prints and bills from 1984 to date.  The depository collection is accessible to the public Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 8:00pm and Saturday, 9:00am - 5:00pm.  Patrons who need access to the collection must request specific assistance at the reference desk in order to be directed to the appropriate depository resources.


Students/Faculty from Other Law Schools

Individuals from local law schools may use the library by presenting their identification card or the appropriate pass as listed below:

    New York Law School and CUNY Law School students with valid law school identification cards; during the Brooklyn Law School reading and examination periods, these ID cards are not accepted.

    Full-time faculty members and law students of other metropolitan area law schools with Academic Law Library Directors of Greater New York passes that request specific materials unavailable in their own library collections. These passes (green letters) must indicate the valid date for access.

    Full-time faculty members and a limited number of law students of other metropoli­tan area law schools may also use the library for a semester by presenting a letter of introduction from their library to a reference librarian. Upon receipt of this letter, the student or faculty member will be issued a visitor’s pass for the semester.


METRO Referral Card Holders

Members of the public who need to use specific material in our collection must first obtain a yellow METRO referral card from their public or academic library. METRO referral patrons are restricted to one card per user per week. METRO referrals are valid from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. They are not accepted during the BLS reading and examination periods.  During the Brooklyn Law School reading and examination periods, METRO referral cards are not accepted.


Attorneys Affiliated With Non–Profit Organizations

The Library will provide access to a limited number of attorneys working for non-profit organizations, for limited periods of time. To request such access, an individual attorney must send or fax a letter, in advance, on his/her organization’s letterhead. Please include the name of the attorney requesting use of the library, contact information (address, telephone, fax, and e-mail), and the dates needed for access. Please attach a photocopy of the attorney’s current employment ID.


This letter should be sent to:

Linda Holmes

Associate Law Librarian

Brooklyn Law School Library

250 Joralemon Street

Brooklyn, NY 11201

or faxed to her at 718-780-0369


Upon approval, a visitor’s pass will be provided; this pass is not transferable. The pass must then be presented at each visit, along with a picture ID indicating proof of employment with the relevant organization, to the lobby guard before entering the Library. Both the pass and ID must be presented at each visit and access will be denied. Such access will be limited in duration, with the maximum of two (2) weeks permitted per request.


Bar Exam Study

Bar exam study passes are available to non-Brooklyn Law School graduates for a fee.  Passes for the February 2014 New York State bar exam will be available for sale at the first floor library reference desk January 2, 2014.  A limited number of passes will be available on a first come, first serve basis.  The fee will be $50.00.  Individuals purchasing a pass must present a dated law school ID card or government issued identification.


The individual purchasing the pass must have graduated in the previous twelve months.  Two forms of identification must be presented to obtain the pass, including a law school ID card.  If the law school ID card is not available, a letter from the law school with the date of graduation may be substituted.  The library reserves the right to limit the number of passes it makes available for sale.


The purchase of a bar exam study pass entitles the individual to use the facilities of the Brooklyn Law School Library with the exception of the computer workstations and printers, wireless access and the study/conference rooms.


Bar exam study for non-Brooklyn Law School graduates is a courtesy that the library extends to non-BLS individuals.  This access is subject to visitors complying with all library rules and policies.  Any non-BLS graduate who violates any rule or policy will lose his or her right to the use of the library for the remainder of the bar exam study period and will forfeit any fees paid.





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