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Alumni Access to Legal Research Databates

Page history last edited by Karen Schneiderman 8 years, 11 months ago

Bloomberg: Bloomberg Law accounts of recent BLS graduates terminate on December 31.


Lexis: Lexis accounts of recent BLS graduates terminate through the end of July while they study for the bar exam and then the access is turned off as of 8/1. However, if the recently graduated student is working for a non-profit, Lexis provides access through the ASPIRE program.


Westlaw: Recent graduates access to Westlaw through their student accounts ends on 5/31.  Recent graduates have their Westlaw access extended, if they complete a summer extension process.  The summer extension ends on 7/31 while the recent graduate studies for the bar exam. Recent graduates also have access for one year from date of graduation to Westlaw’s job search databases (such as the West Legal Directory).  The recent graduates don’t need to do anything to gain access to the job search databases (ex. West Legal Directory).  They should automatically  be able to access these databases with their academic accounts. However, Recent graduates must completes a summer extension form online through the www.lawschool.westlaw.com site to extend their access.  If a graduate completes this form, then they have their Westlaw access extended through the end of July while they study for the bar exam and then the access is turned off as of 8/1.  Also if recent graduate is working with a BLS professor or BLS department, they can also contact Westlaw vendor for extension of their account.



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